Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Pain in the Butt Continued

Today is the babies 11 month birthday and I'm feeling like they've aged me at least that many years!  

On Monday morning I was oddly excited to get to work, hop on the computer and pull up my MRI report.  I know - weirdo!  Just as I had suspected, I have a herniated disc pressing on the affected nerve root.  I see folks for this kind of thing all the time and I've been self-treating but also avoiding my own advice - if it hurts don't do it.  Unfortunately, I still have to work and help take care of the babies.  I have been telling some of my clients who are going through the same thing that I just want to know what they're going through to help me be a better clinician. Which also leads me to some of the frustration; other than not sleeping well, if I can't fix myself how can I help others in the same boat?

I am unable to get into the specialist until next week for an epidural steroid injection to decrease the inflammation around the nerve root.  It is inflammation and not the disc itself that actually causes the pain.  Because my reflexes have gotten a little worse, lost a little more strength and since I can't get in for a while, I am going to try another dose of oral steroids since the numbness and weakness didn't start until after I finished the first round of steroids.   

Thank you for the kind thoughts, advice, and prayers.


Anonymous said...

Gerwer family wishing you a quick recovery... Or else Mari will throw her back out having to pick up the quads all by herself all the time :)

HaileyBarrato said...

I saw that someone mentioned acupuncture in the comments section of your last post.
I totally second that recommendation!!
I had a pinched nerve, I know not the same as your herniated disc, but acupuncture greatly relieved the inflammation without having to deal with the side effects of steroids!
Hang in there...I hope you find some relief soon! That kind of pain is no joke!

the schirano triplets said...

i will keep you in my prayers with the hope you are able to find some relief for your pain very soon and that you are able to treat it and heal quickly...good luck with everything!

Alaine said...

Certainly will continue to pray for this situation. (You said you were your own worst patient). Take it a little easy-love to all of you! Alaine

Ansley said...

Chris we are so sorry to hear about your back!! Hope you start feeling better soon! We look forward to seeing you guys next month! Love you, Jenn & Ans

Heather said...

Aww it sounds very rough right now. I hope it passes quickly and you are on the mend and out of pain very soon.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear your back isn't getting any better. My husband has gone through the same thing many times with his lower back. We think it could be an occupational hazard of the Medical Radiology Field.

Hope that you can get in to get that injection...I know that it helps.

Collegegirl said...

Hope the injection comes soon and you are able to feel better soon.

The Hupps said...

Jon can help you:)

Anonymous said...

I am coming out of lurking to let you know I feel your pain Chris! I am a PT myself and I have a herniated disc in my neck that flares up every once in awhile & ruins my life. I hope you get some relief soon!
-Sarah from California (A friend of Gen McNulty)

Misty said...

I hope you feel better soon Chris. I'm an OT and have thrown my back a few times, and also herniated a disc in my neck.
Good luck to you to Mari, I know how hard it can be when half the team is on injured reserve.

McNulty Quads said...

Chris, I know Conor has given you plenty of crap about this.. so I won't go there. LOL

I just want to say.. I miss you guys.. so so so so much.


Midwest Mommy said...

Good luck.
I know what you mean about the aging. I feel like my two little ones have aged me ten years, I can't imagine quads!
Take care.

Sheryl said...

I had awful back pain for a while and finally tried acupuncture. It seemed weird to me and it took a few weeks of going in but it worked like a charm. Good luck!